hi, i’m kelsey hojara

I failed so you don’t have to

When I was 17 years old, I said enough was enough. I had played sports my whole life but had been three years removed. I worked at restaurants as a host and you bet I took advantage of the 50% off meals. In addition, I was drinking heavily on the weekends with my friends. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize the person I was anymore.

Kelsey Hojara, RD
Kelsey Hojara, personal fitness coach

The ‘old’ Kelsey Hojara

​On Facebook, I saw a friend that had an amazing transformation and I was willing to do anything. Before I knew it, I was spending hundreds of dollars on supplements a month, drinking two meal replacement shakes a day and two fat burner teas. I was only eating chicken and veggies for dinner. Did I lose weight? You bet. Did I keep it off? No. I ended up giving up on this plan after going on a 1-week binge.

The next few years were rough. I tried countless different plans to lose weight. The only aspect that stayed consistent was that I lifted weights, but I learned later that I wasn’t even doing that right. I tried keto, detoxes, apple cider vinegar, skipping meals, e-books, more fat burners, you name it … I tried it. Looking back, I likely spent thousands of dollars on these programs & plans. I would lose some weight, feel good, then gain it all back within weeks to feel defeated all over again. It was a vicious cycle.

The ‘New’ Kelsey Hojara

All of this struggle did lead me to a love of nutrition and fitness. I grew up in Granger, Indiana (go Notre Dame!), and went to college at Indiana University. I studied dietetics with a minor in psychology. During my time in college, I still didn’t have the answers, but I never gave up. I kept learning more in class and through my failed attempts at dieting. I was just like you in the past – I believed all the schemes and lies on the internet. It’s not our fault though. We didn’t know any better at the time. Through my education and my failed experiences in the nutrition/fitness space, I eventually learned what really does work.

I’ve now made it my life’s work to help women so they no longer have to deal with the struggle and confusion the way I did for 6 years. I failed so you don’t have to.

Kelsey Hojara, registered dietitian
Kelsey having fun at the beach

​I do have a life outside of being a coach though! If I’m not at the gym, I’m either snuggled up on the couch watching Netflix or at a local brewery drinking a craft beer. I love food, hence the dietitian thing! I like getting creative in the kitchen and coming up with fun, quick meal ideas to share with my FB tribe and 1:1 coaching clientsPlus, I have a golden retriever, Stella, and cat, Mojito. If you follow me on Instagram, you likely love them as much as I do! I’m a huge goofball and enjoy making others laugh. As I finish writing this, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be where I am today! I get to help women feel their best and be their healthiest selves ever. Now that you know who I am, I would love to learn more about you!

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