Lab Testing Services

Here are the various testing options I offer in my practice! Labs are CRUCIAL to us figuring out the root causes of why you don’t feel like yourself. Without testing labs, we’re playing a guessing game… instead of guessing let’s do some testing 🙂 read more about the labs below!



Those struggling with: IBS, IBD, chrons, ulcerative colitis, food sensitivities, hashimotos, diarrhea, constipation, bloating after meals, heartburn, stomach pains, anxiety, depression, intense sugar cravings, always hungry, brain fog, trouble concentrating, allergies, skin irritation: who haven’t found long term relief, answers from conventional medicine, and/or prefer a holistic approach to health

  • Harmful bacteria, parasites, fungus
  • Helpful bacteria
  • Pancreatic enzymes, immune function in gut, blood or fat in stool
  • Gluten sensitivity

client testimony

How did the GI map help you in your healing journey?

“There were SO many things going on in my gut that I was finally able to get answers to after 6 years of no results. It gave me hope that I could actually live a normal life without constantly being in pain. The answers I have been looking for were all right in front of me and I felt like my whole world went from being upside down to right side up. It’s so crazy, no matter how many doctors you see or how much blood work you get done, most the time, you just need to find someone that actually cares about your story, your struggles and pain to take the time to investigate what is really going on.”

Dutch complete

DUTCH Complete kit

Those struggling with: PMS, PCOS, infertility, anxiety/depression worsened before period, heavy periods, irregular periods, high stress levels, fatigue, brain fog who haven’t found long term relief, answers from conventional medicine, and/or prefer a holistic approach to health

  • Progesterone, testosterone, estrogen
  • Metabolism of testosterone and estrogen
  • Daily cortisol pattern
  • Cortisol metabolism
  • Metabolites of B12, B6, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, glutathione

Mycotox Profile (mold exposure)

Mycotox Profile (mold exposure)

Someone who suspects they have been exposed to mold and/or lived or worked in a water damaged building. Symptoms of mold illness range from allergies, lung congestion/irritation, dermatitis, headaches, coughing, brain fog, muscle cramping, joint pain, vertigo, numbness and tingling, digestive issues, excessive thirst and increased urination.

  • Mycotoxins that are produced from mold

Organic Acids Test

  • Those struggling with fatigue, depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, weight loss resistance, brain fog, joint pain who haven’t found long term relief, answers from conventional medicine, and/or prefer a holistic approach to health
  • Or people who want to level up their energy, brain capacity, productivity, and mental acuity
  • Yeast, fungus, bacteria
  • Mitochondrial makers (metabolism + energy)
  • Neurotransmitter metabolites
  • Ketone and fatty acid oxidation
  • Nutritional markers

Hair Mineral & Heavy Metal Analysis

  • Individuals struggling with detoxification issues, mental health problems, brain fog, fatigue, tingling in hands, GI distress, weakness
  • Those who want to ensure heavy metals aren’t contributing to their inability to heal
  • Toxic heavy metals
  • Essential minerals

Blood Labs

  • Will recommend blood labs based on symptoms, medical history, medications, and supplementations
  • Recommend first trying to get blood labs ordered from primary care physician for insurance coverage
  • Examples of recommended blood labs:
    • Full thyroid panels
      • TSH, Free T4, Free T3, thyroid antibodies, Reverse T3
    • Various Vitamins/Minerals
      • Ex: B12, vitamin D, iodine, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, folate, copper, ferritin
    • Lipid Panel
    • Diabetic panel: insulin, Hgb A1c, fasting blood glucose


I am a registered and licensed dietitian. I am not a medical doctor and am unable to diagnose diseases (diabetes, hashimotos, PCOS, heart disease, etc). I believe every client should have a good primary care physician. We will always utilize your primary care doctor or specialized physicians as needed! If you do not have a good primary care physician, I can help you find one during our time working together.