1:1 Dietitian and Fitness
Coaching Services

When it comes to weight loss – one size does NOT fit all.

My 1:1 Personalized Coaching Services and Programs are personalized and tailored specifically to you – and ONLY you. That’s why I offer everything from custom Nutrition Coaching to custom Fitness Programs. In fact, the end goal is for this to be the last program you will ever need!

That means I want you to be successful long term. I call this building your forever home. My program is split up into 4 phases to ensure this:

Phase 1 | Foundation

One of my favorite Joyce Meyer quotes says it all, “A house without a solid foundation is always in jeopardy of collapsing.” In the foundation phase, you will be creating amazing habits, learning a lot, and ensuring a positive relationship with food that will never collapse!

Phase 2 | Framing & Consistency

Here, you can begin building the body you’re looking for! Preventing plateaus is important in this phase. You’ll also learn how to stay consistent through life events (birthdays, vacations, etc.).

Phase 3 | Recovery

We’re building up the electric in this phase! We need to ensure your metabolism is in a good place so you can be successful long term! All the clients in my program track their food through pictures, journaling, or My Fitness Pal. In this phase, we’ll be working to slowly stop tracking.

Phase 4 | Making Your House a Home

The goal of phase 4 is to ensure your success long term without needing to track your food anymore and without needing me! I don’t want this to be another program. I want this to be the LAST program for you.

I offer a variety of programs and coaching services to fit your needs that are tailored to you!

1:1 VIP Nutrition
Coaching Program

  • Highest level accountability
  • 60 min initial coaching call
  • 30 min check-in calls every 7-14 days
  • 24 hour messaging access to me
  • 20+ educational handouts
  • Individualized behavior based nutrition approach 
  • Positive mindset, stress management, and healthy sleep strategies
  • Community with other women in the program

Personal Training

  • Personalized resistance training workout programs 
  • 2-6 workouts per week based on your preference
  • Option for at home or gym based workouts
  • Access to phone app to easily pull up workouts and track progress
  • Videos in app to ensure you understand how to perform each exercise
  • Option to send up to 4 videos per week for exercise form help
  • Option to add on to the nutrition program or on it’s own

Are you ready for YOUR 1:1
Dietitian & Fitness Coaching Program?