Success Stories

Whether you’re trying to improve your gut & hormone health, create a healthy relationship with food, get down to a healthy weight, or decrease anxiety & depression, these powerful success stories will inspire you to keep trying until you succeed. Get started in Holistic Health Coaching today and YOU could be our next success story!




You’ve helped me control my anxiety

“I’m most proud of not only my physical changes but my mental and spiritual changes. I definitely know I’m losing the weight and that’s causing me to be the most confident I’ve ever felt in my life. The knowledge you’ve given me about food and nutrition is beyond anything I could have done on my own. But most of all, you have helped me mentally. I have struggled all of my life to be happy with myself. You’ve helped me control my anxiety and my depression. You’ve taught me ways to rise above that! During this journey, I have found out who I really am and who I want to continue being. I’ve grown so much in the last few months and I give all the thanks to God and also you and your guidance. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you on my journey. You’ve been here with me every step of the way and have encouraged me to keep going. I’ll never be able to repay the way you’ve changed my life!”hat.”


the true transformation is internal

“I am most proud of sticking with this. Of finally putting myself forward. Of seeing my potential and self-worth develop. What started as a desire to lose some fat and gain muscle catapulted me into a journey of self-confidence. By putting myself forward with the assistance of Coach Kelsey, I was able to have that thought process carry over into other facets of my life. So, while your program has given me a really neat physical transformation, the true transformation is internal and I am incredibly grateful for that.”




I wasn’t losing weight the healthy way …

“I’m most proud of all the knowledge I have obtained & how using what I’ve learned/applying it is what has gotten me my results. I wasn’t losing weight in a healthy way before this so taking this knowledge & being able to see a difference when you apply it is really empowering. I’m not just thinking about doing it anymore. I’m actually doing it & understanding the importance because this program gave me the tools I needed to dive into my nutrition journey.”

Are you ready to become your best self through Holistic health coaching?





You are my hype man…

“You are my hype man. Or woman. Whatever you want to call it. I feel like I notice I am making progress and it feels great then I get on the phone with you and you tell me all these wonderful things about how I am doing. It hypes me up more. Everything you have taught me also is simple. Nothing is out of reach. I was worried I would have to do all this crazy meal prep or start exercising hardcore but you help me set goals and do things that do not make me feel overwhelmed. I feel accomplished. It has added up to me learning how to eat healthier, being mindful of food, recognizing when I need to take breaks, and overall learning to love myself again.”

— Michelle

You focus on the person…

“I enjoy that you focus on the person. You don’t have a prescribed one size fits all approach to nutrition. And I appreciate that. You have also been giving me resources and tools to help me through this to cater to my needs. At first I thought this coaching experience would be completely about losing weight. But it’s been so much more than that. Being able to work with you on this has given me an accountability person to walk me through it and hold my hand. In weeks when I got scared, you listened and encouraged me. If I ever tried to do this myself I would have given up.”

— Stephanie

Are you ready to become your best self through Holistic health coaching?